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Job Description

  For over 100 years IBM has set the pace for innovation and we aren't stopping now. With over 430,000 employees in almost 200 countries we're always on the look out for new people to join in our mission to build a smarter planet
This position exists to assist our clients in assessing, investigating and rapidly responding to IT Security incidents in order to preserve the integrity and viability of their business operations.
In the event of a suspected intrusion the position will be responsible for the following:

Manage and investigate the security incident
Recommend possible remediation
Report on the findings 
Experience is required to enable the professional and effective management of an investigation through knowledge of IT systems and applications. Also required in this position is knowledge and understanding relating to the law, legal protocols, professional standards and regulations in the area of digital evidence investigation and analysis.
Investigators will also be expected to establish a network of persons involved in similar areas (both internal and external to IBM), e.g.: IT Security teams, Network Security along with members of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Participation in the team’s on-call roster is required within this position.
Due to the critical nature of services provided by IBM CSAR A/NZ, all roles within the team are, at times, subject to stressful situations and peak workloads.  Successful job candidates can expect to encounter such situations and workloads within the role and should be aware that this can occur outside of normal business hours.
The IT Security Investigator role is responsible for conducting IT investigations into computer systems and individuals.  These investigations often involve highly sensitive and confidential situations, data and information.  As a result the investigator may be exposed to distressing events or inappropriate material.

Location - Melbourne.
Position Base Activities  

Confirm or dispel whether an incident occurred
Investigate Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks
Investigate compromise or breach of server, workstation, or data security
Investigate suspected fraud or other illegal acts involving IT services or processes
Investigate hostile action (or threats of hostile action) that has the intent to expose or publicize confidential electronic data, or cause that data to become inaccessible.
Investigate computer crime which includes dishonest, fraudulent, malicious, or criminal use of computer systems and networks to obtain financial benefit.
Investigation Intellectual Property Theft - Unlawful taking of electronic data stored in a computer system, or the electronic data of a third party stored in a computer system for which the company is legally responsible.
Investigate access gained to computer systems and networks by unauthorized persons, or by authorized persons in an unauthorized manner
Investigate unauthorized use of the capacity (memory, bandwidth, etc.) of computer systems and networks by unauthorized persons, or by authorized persons in an unauthorized manner.
Promote the accumulation of accurate information
Establish and maintain controls for proper retrieval and handling of evidence
Minimise disruption to client business
Take into consideration investigative requirements for legal or civil recriminations against perpetrators and negligent parties
Provide accurate reports and useful recommendations
Provide emergency response 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for Premium Customers 
 Technical Skills - Mandatory

Experience with industry recognised forensic software tools
Experience with industry recognised forensic hardware tools
Technical understanding of IT platforms
Ability to perform network log analysis
Understanding of vulnerabilities and security protocols
Evidence handling and storage skills
Knowledge of security best practice
Problem solving and change management techniques

Technical Skills - Preferred

Possess Certificate III in Investigative Services
Possess CISSP certification

Non-Technical Skills – Mandatory

Strong customer service skills
Professional presentation and manner
Vendor and 3rd party supplier liaison skills
Organisation and co-ordination skills
Ability to work under pressure
Commitment to provide a quality service
Strong written and verbal skills
A team player and the ability to foster teamwork
Critical thinking skills

IBM has always been committed first and foremost to its people. We believe true innovation is driven by diversity, so in order to uphold our reputation as an industry-leading enterprise, we rely on people from different backgrounds, different perspectives and different attitudes. So come on board and join us as we enter a new era for our industry – and our planet.
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